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FWO has become an integral tool for construction teams to stay connected and aware of out-of-scope work that needs to be completed, all from the palm of your hand while in the field.

Customer Support Overview

Field Work Order Overview

Overview Videos

This section provides some overview videos on key elements of the Field Work Order Product 

Customer Support Getting Started

Getting Started

Essential guide for the iPad and Web

This section is focused on getting you set up as quickly as possible so that you can start processing your field work orders. 

Tips & Tools

This section contains helpful checklists that you can print and distribute to your users as they are using the product.

Import Templates

This section contains the import templates to upload your projects, customers, employees and materials.

Customer Support Getting Started

Field Work Order Processing

Processing Field Work Orders

This section will have you and your project team up and running in no time and will teach you how to leverage iPad and Android Devices to accelerate getting paid for Field generated Work Orders.

FAQ Videos

Get answers to your questions

This section contains videos tutorials of typically asked questions when using our product.

Customer Support FAQ


Get answers to your questions

This section addresses typical questions when using our product.


  • FAQ 1 – Q: What is my log-in name?
    • A: Your log in name is the full email address with which you were registered by your account administrator. For example, John Doe who works for Sample Company would use the sign in name of If you receive an “Error Authenticating” message after entering your email address, it is possible that you are not registered. Check with your account manager to verify you have been correctly registered.
  • FAQ 2 – Q: What is my password?
    • A: Your password is provided to you in your Successful Registration email from FWO. After you have been registered by your account manager, you will receive an email with your User Name which is your company email, and a temporary password, which is a series of random letters and/or numbers. Use this to log in then change your password under Manage Account.
  • FAQ 3 – Q: I forgot my password. What should I do?
    • A: Tap or click on the “Forgot Password” icon/button then enter your email/user name and a new password will be emailed to you. It is best to change your password to something you can easily remember after signing in for the first time with your newly issued password.
  • FAQ 4 – Q: How do I change my password?
    • A: You can change your password after initial sign in by tapping on the “Manage Account” icon on the tablet or by clicking on the “Manage” button then clicking on the “Manage Account” button on the website. Next, tap or click on “Change Password” then enter your new password in both fields and save. 
  • FAQ 5 – Q: How long can I keep an FWO open in the Entry step?
    • A: You can keep an active FWO in the Entry stage open for as long as needed. You may continue to update the stored data daily as long as you tap or click on “Update” and “Save and Refresh” before closing the active FWO. Once the FWO has been signed and sent, it will drop off your dashboard view and you may no longer edit it without having it pushed back to you by a user with the proper credentials.
  • FAQ 6 – Q: Why don’t I see an FWA Request Number or FWO number when entering details for a new tag?
    • A: An FWA Request number or FWO number will be assigned to a new tag after you enter all your details, tap or click on “Create”, then tap on “Save and Refresh” to complete the command and generate an FWA or FWO number.
  • FAQ 7 – Q: I want to create an FWO but I don’t see my project. Where can I find my project?
    • A: You will be able to find and select your project after tapping on Create FWA Request or Create FWO. A list of projects you are assigned to will populate. If you do not see the project, you must contact your office team or administrator and ask to be added to the Project Team list. This can only be done when logged into the website. 
  • FAQ 8 – Q: Can I have the GC sign my tag in person even after I’ve tapped on “Request Electronic Signature”?
    • A: Yes you can. Tap on the FWO you want to have signed. A message will pop up saying “This Field Work Order has a request for electronic signature pending, are you sure you want to edit it?” Tap on “Yes” then tap on “Edit Details” then go to the Signature Tab, have the FWO signed in person and select “Send Signed FWO”.
  • ​FAQ 9 – Q: Will my data be saved in the app even if I have a poor connection in the field?
    • A: Yes it will. On the Dashboard view of the app you will see a blue refresh icon to the left of the FWA or FWO after performing the following functions: Creating an FWA Request, creating an FWO, editing an FWO, tapping on the Authorize to Proceed button, tapping on the Send Signed FWO button, tapping on the Request Electronic Signature button or tapping on Update. Tap on the “Save and Refresh” button in the upper right hand corner of the Dashboard page at the end of any of these actions and your information will be sent to the server. If there is a poor connection, you will receive a message telling you to try again later or connect to Wi-Fi. The data you entered will stay on your tablet until you tap on the “Save and Refresh” button again with a successful connection and the blue refresh icon will disappear. If you close your app without tapping on the “Save and Refresh” button, the app will automatically save and refresh the data when you sign back in.
  • ​FAQ 10 – Q: Can I amend an FWO after it has been signed and sent to the pricing step?
    • A: Yes, you can amend a signed FWO that has been moved to the Pricing step. You would typically do this if you need to change the tag from Regular Overtime Rates to Premium Time Only Rates. From the website, open the FWO in the Pricing step. Scroll to the bottom of the form and click on “Return to Entry”. Adjust your tag accordingly within the Entry step then click on “Regenerate Tag”. Next click on “Move to Pricing”. When you open the FWO again from the “Pricing” Step and scroll to the bottom of the form, you’ll see there are now two copies of the FWO. The original signed FWO will be next to another copy of the newly edited FWO and the signature box will state “AMENDED TAG” next to a date and time stamp in red. Proceed with pricing. (See the video “Amending a Signed FWO from the Pricing Step” in the FAQ Video section for an example).