SiteForms is the eForms for construction tool. Build forms in minutes and eliminate all of your paper forms today.

SiteForms may be accessed via the PeerAssist portal and comes with a library of construction forms to get you started right away. Start by using one of our existing forms and customize them to your company’s needs, or you can create new fully customizable forms from scratch. 

Available on browser, tablet, and phone.

Customize your forms for any project

Go paperless with the most easy-to-use form builder for construction.
Experience SiteForms today for free and begin capturing information from the office and field.

Build Forms in Minutes

From the office or the field, build and customize your forms within minutes. When you create a form you have the ability to choose if it relates to a project or employee.

SiteForms - Construction eForms

Fully Customizable

When creating a new form choose your section types, as well as, items and questions that are going to be within each section. 

Drag and drop to arrange your form in the way you want your users to see it. 

Preview & Deploy

Preview your form to show how it will be received by the users and deploy your form with one click. 

SiteForms - Construction eForms
SiteForms - Construction eForms

User Experience

No more filling out paper forms that sit around collecting dust and manually typing answers into a PDF. Instead, use SiteForms, the most intuitive form builder application. As a user you can:

  • Select form from a project
  • Fill out the form and add attachments if desired
  • Preview the form before submission
  • Add signature
  • Send for approval

SiteForms has been designed purposely for the field and office.

SiteForms allows you to collect data from the field, deploy mobile forms in minutes, 
reduce time spent on forms by users, and receive automatic form updates at any time.

SiteForms - Construction eForms

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