How it Works

Improve the efficiency in which orders are created and processed, ensure the best pricing, and maximize your purchasing power.

Here is how installation would flow:

Explore Purchasing
Watch our quick product tour or request a live demo with our product expert for a more in-depth review.
Choose Options
Our application can operate as a stand-alone solution or may be integrated with your accounting software. After selecting your options, a proposal is provided.
We can also customize to your exact requirements on a T&M basis and are happy to provide a detailed estimate and timeframe for the scope of work.
Prepare for Implementation
Our application will be configured to your needs and the time required depends on the level of customization.
Schedule installation and setup
Our Customer Success team will begin setup and configuration to prepare for training your users.
Training and Go Live
After training, your users will be prepared to begin using the application with your enhanced purchasing controls.


Purchasing Control system pricing is customizable to your needs. To get a quote, request a demo with our product specialist. After selecting your options, a proposal is provided.