Pricing Controls

When an item and selected vendor combination do not reflect the best possible price, the operator receives a message with an option to view the pricing history for that item. 

Automatic side by side vendor price comparison, job specific pricing, and the ability to send a purchase order or BOM to your preferred vendors for quoting allow you to stay on top of market prices to ensure you are getting the best price, on every item, every time. 

Import Functions

Ability to import: 

  • A project-specific material list into Order entry from a field request or from a spreadsheet generated by your estimating software for quick entry. 
  • Pricing updates from Trade Service or from a spreadsheet to eliminate double-entry or costly data entry errors. 
  • Pricing by vendor received from a quote request by item. 

Import material list & pricing:

Email selected vendors to request pricing by item:

Change Order Processing

Make changes and revisions to existing purchase orders keeping a complete history of all modifications with options to reprint the entire PO or only the line items that have changed. 

Committed Cost

Issues PO’s can be exported and then imported into your Accounting software so committed costs are immediately included and visible in your job cost.

Terms & Conditions

Standard terms and conditions are included on every PO.  In addition. job specific and PO specific terms can be defined in a catalog of choices and easily selected at the time of order entry.

Approval Workflow

Require approval of large PO’s by sending notifications to management requesting approval before the system allows the PO to be issued.

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We offer a standalone purchasing product and we are also a proud partner of Foundation Software. We integrate directly with their data to provide you with a solution that works with the application software you already have in place.

Our custom development division can also adapt the solution to work with other accounting systems.