FWO for Subcontractors

Managing field changes is a tedious process, causes numerous headaches for getting approvals before starting work and introduces friction with the GC when communication is not clear and timely.  FWO by PeerAssist eliminates all these problems and helps you to maximize your profits.

California Drywall uses PeerAssist to increase profit by $1M per year

Quick Access in the Palm of your Hand

Your team in the field can easily start an FWA (Field Work Authorization) or FWO (Field Work Order) from their mobile device and capture supporting documentation like photos.  FWO functions both online and offline to ensure that you don’t miss anything when connectivity is not available. 

Subcontractor Start FWA from iPhone

Documented and Accurate Process

Use FWO by PeerAssist to standardize your current process and take advantage of one location to review all documentation for all the extra work you perform. This approach ensures you build the appropriate document trail which results in fewer questions and issues.

Subcontractor FWO Requests iPad

Instant Approval Requests

FWA (Field Work Authorization) approvals are sent internally for additional pricing and review and then get routed to the General Contractor for a fully documented approval process that is captured instantly and keeps everybody on the same page.  

Keep the Field and Office in Sync

Keep field and office in sync using FWO.  Every update that comes from the field is instantly reflected on the reports and dashboards that your managers use, keeping your projects running efficiently.  

Automate Service Work Processes

FWO helps subcontractors automate service work orders for your service management processes. Track and document the labor and materials associated with service work orders, then effortlessly submit your invoice with supporting documentation for payment to be submitted and processed.  

Why Subcontractors Choose FWO

Maximize Profit

Maximize Profit

With out-of-scope work, items are almost always missed and this leaves money on the table. The method FWO uses for pricing Field Work Orders helps subcontractors to maximize their profit. Customers generally see payback on their first tag.
Accurate Information

Accurate Information

Ensure consistent and accurate information gathering across all your projects, no matter which PM is managing the project. FWO helps support better scalability for contractors looking to grow.
Improved Collaboration

Improved Collaboration

Tired of chasing people for information? FWO helps teams to stay connected and informed. Team members are aware when work is created, updated, or signed off.
Stop Wasting Time

Stop Wasting Time

Time is wasted by entering information manually, waiting weeks for approval to begin work, and chasing payment. FWO accelerates everything and makes sure all stakeholders are on the same page.

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