Field Work Order App

#1 solution for helping self-perform contractors digitize T&M tags/tickets to better manage out of scope work on construction projects.  

FIELD WORK ORDER (FWO) is built from the ground up to help Subcontractors work smarter, more efficiently and most importantly to make sure every item from the first screw to the last supervision hour is added and included in every tag/ticket.

Helping contractors maximize their profits.

It only takes 3 simple steps.

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There are many different ways you can learn how our app works. Here are some options.

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Choose a plan

Find the PeerAssist solution that fits your company’s needs. Our FWO app offers a FREE 30-day trial.


Schedule your training

You will receive an email confirmation to get you started.

From there, you will be able to schedule your kick-off call with our support specialist and start using FWO after one hour of setup and training.

Field Features

Receive authorization to create a Field Work Order.

Track progress by taking photos and uploading supporting documents.

Preview or edit any tag currently open prior to signature.

Account for all labor and material used on the out-of-scope work.

Retrieve signed Field Work Order details at any time using the Tag Library.

FWO for iPhone 

At the tip of your fingers, anytime, anywhere. 

Superintendent with Apple iPad

Accelerate processing for changes that take place in the field.

  • Rapid turnaround of Field Work Orders from creation to signature.

  • Prior Approval streamlines the process for guaranteed payment.

  • Easily capture, annotate and store images to communicate exact details of work.

  • Use our predefined pricing models to ensure all costs for the work performed are billed accurately.

  • Field Work Order will save your team hours each month with improved collaboration and efficiency.

Office Features

View all active Field Work Orders as they are created and monitor progress.

Receive immediate notification the moment a Field Work Order is signed

Preloaded pricing templates provide accurate and easy pricing information.

Create a Change Order Request package containing all documentation with the press of a button

Export Field Work Order detailed information at any step in the process.

"PeerAssist has become a big part of our business. It has significantly impacted our bottom line by streamlining our change management process."
Steve Eckstrom
Owner, California Drywall