Seals Construction eliminates paper tags to improve efficiency on managing and tracking extra work.

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Founded in 1993 (as Seals/Biehle General Contractors), Seals Construction has constructed, remodeled and renovated more than 1,000 public and private agency facilities, totaling more than $300 million.

Their mission is to be an industry leader in construction, bringing value to their clients through their ability to fulfill the needs and exceed expectations on each project. They have the capability of providing the innovative construction services, respected experience, and resources you expect from a large firm, with the spirit and ingenuity of a small one. They stand to provide the best solutions for achieving goals that were never before set. They were founded on the idea that hard work, strong relationships and pragmatic solutions foster progress.

They enable their clients to receive a return on investment and provide their services faster and more efficiently. Their clients’ success is their highest priority, which is why they work diligently and leverage their experience to complete every project on time and within budget.

We had the pleasure to speak with Matt Seals, Owner of Seals Construction, and Joe Hurtado, Superintendent, about the impact that PeerAssist has had on their business. They eliminated a slow and risky paperwork process and implemented a digital and proven method that helps them have a better visibility across the office and field for all stakeholders involved in a project. Ultimately, letting them capture more accurate information and get paid faster. 

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Matt Seals shares, “prior to PeerAssist, we were using a tag that we filled out everyday and handed it over to the owner. We would have to make multiple copies, one for the office, one for the trailer, one for the inspector, and one for the owner. So there were four different copies being made. Now with PeerAssist, everything is electronic. Some people still like hard copies, so we are able to print a hard copy for them. Our overall information is stored in one place, and our office can take the information electronically and process what they need to process.”

Joe Hurtado added, “with PeerAssist, you are able to see on a larger scale where all the materials and manpower are going. You are not limited to one job. You can see all your jobs and go back and forth without having to have additional paperwork and storing them to maintain the records. Now it’s easier to simplify, research, and back track what you need to find. PeerAssist has simplified my tasks.”