California Drywall Generates $1M in Profit with PeerAssist.

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In 1946, Leonard Eckstrom, a salesman for United States Gypsum, saw a bright future in a product called drywall. Grabbing that opportunity, he opened California Drywall in the Santa Clara Valley. The company began by installing and finishing drywall to residential properties, including the innovative Eichler homes of the 1960’s. Decades later they continue to be family-centric with now Steve Eckstrom as the current owner of California Drywall.

They are consistently ranked among the largest Specialty Contractors in California and United State by ENR (Engineering News Record). With offices in San Jose, San Francisco, and Livermore, they perform work throughout Northern California and the Central Valley. Their projects range from $5,000 to over $80 million.

We had the pleasure to speak with Steve Eckstrom, CEO of California Drywall, about the impact that PeerAssist has had on their business. With over 30 years experience in commercial drywall, California Drywall has the experience and desire to continually improve their operational efficiency. PeerAssist helps deliver amazing results for this valued customer. 


Steve Eckstrom shares, “field work orders are a big part of our business, probably between 5-10% of a job. For the past 30 years everything has been done on paper, triplicated, done out in the field, and eventually making its way to the office. Then, the office will get a phone call or an email saying this tag is starting and a phone conversation will happen. These days, there are more requirements by the GC regarding field work orders. In other words, if you are going to produce a tag out in the field, you need to get prior approval not only from the superintendent, but also from the project manager, the GC’s project manager, and get the authorization by one or two people to be able to start the work. That’s one of the big hurdles that has been resolved with PeerAssist’s FWO. You are able to get real time authorization to start a tag. It’s almost as easy as pushing a button.”

why peerassist?

Steve continues, “now, with FWO on the iPad everything is done in real time. Making sure that everything that is required to be capture is captured. So you don’t have somebody spending days swimming through these paper work orders. PeerAssist’s FWO makes this process quick and efficient. It made us money and saved us money.


After leaving behind manual processes and choosing PeerAssist to streamline their change management workflow, capture better information, and get paid faster, California Drywall has generated more than 1 million dollars in profit.