PeerAssist featured in Construction Executive 2020 Hot Products.

Field Work Order App by PeerAssist is proud to be featured once again as a Construction Executive 2020 Hot Product. Full article below.

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PeerAssist helps contractors transition from a slow and risky paperwork process to a digital, battle-tested solution for tracking time and material for out-of-scope work. With powerful functionality and workflows that have been purpose-built for this process, Field Work Order (FWO) by PeerAssist has become a de facto standard chosen by construction teams who perform work for top world brands like Apple, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Uber, San Francisco 49ers and Sutter Health.

Construction has evolved and the adoption of technology has exploded in recent years. Gone are the days of merely achieving the status quo for any contractor looking for that competitive edge and focused on building for future generations.PeerAssist’s approach is very unique and blends extensive, world-class experience in construction and software development of construction technologies— construction and technology are in our DNA. 

Contractors have been migrating away from cumbersome, paper-based processes for years. Some projects to simplify and digitize can be daunting and take a year or more to start realizing the return on such investments. Some apps in the industry, however, like FWO by PeerAssist, can be positively impactful after implementing an hour or two of training and a highly affordable licensing structure designed to get results ASAP. Customers realize the benefits of using FWO by PeerAssist in lieu of paper or semi-manual systems because the solution is simple, follows the way contractors actually work and allows functionality to continually be deployed on a timeline that is digestible for the contractor’s users. 

Once contractors start to digitize these processes, they discover that value exists within the data. Sure, using paper pales in comparison to saving time by using a tablet in the field. It’s obvious that keying in the data once and sharing it with other systems of record is better than rekeying the data multiple times. These benefits are great, but the beauty of the technology is the ability to visualize the information and understand how it flows through your organization: Which teams perform best? Which contractors are easiest to work with? Where can more profit be made? These are the questions that the data starts to reveal for your organization. 

PeerAssist’s Field Work Order app is a fast, reliable, cloud-based solution built with some of the industry’s top contractors to help capture, document, organize and accelerate payment for the changes that take place in the field. We aim to be a tool that every contractor can take advantage of, much the way businesses view email, cell phones, and work vehicles as being essential to every construction project.

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About PeerAssist:

PeerAssist is a construction management software company based in Columbus, Ohio, that specializes in products to help companies maximize profits and productivity through easy-to-use applications.

With over five decades of experience in construction software, PeerAssist builds solutions that are uniquely developed to solve the business management and financial challenges faced in this industry.

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