General Contractor Portal

General Contractors can utilize the PeerAssist GC Portal to consolidate information. Always stay up-to-date with extra work with your subcontractors. Use PeerAssist to avoid manually entering information into your project management and accounting systems. You focus on the work, we capture and deliver your data where it’s needed.

Field Work Order (FWO) eliminates the need to manage subcontractor changes with excel spreadsheets, file folders and paper-filled binders. FWO provides a simple solution that captures, tracks, documents, organizes, manages, and standardizes field changes across all trades on your project.

Manage all your subcontractor field work in one place.

  • A simple clear view of the work performed across all subcontractors at any time over all of your projects.

  • Receive and approve/reject extra work requests from your subcontractors before it begins.

  • Monitoring costs as they occur greatly reduces risk and allows tighter controls on work performed.

  • Consistent formatting of change order request packages from all subcontractors makes your job easier.

  • Track progress, labor, material and supporting documentation in real-time.

  • Set subcontractor trade rates in FWO portal and avoid pricing errors.

  • Centralize extra work data so it’s organized, easily accessible and secure to various users. No more cumbersome, time consuming emailing, logging, printing or hand delivering change order requests. 

  • Customize your view of information in the way you want to see it.


The PeerAssist GC Portal is no charge for general contractors looking to leverage PeerAssist on construction projects. Chat now to a product expert to learn more about using PeerAssist’s GC Portal.