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Improving Collaboration, Communication and Coordination

Controlling for the unexpected is one of the greatest challenges for the construction industry. Clearly no one can predict the future, but those who plan ahead and put processes in place are more likely to be ready when something unexpected happens.

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Construction Foremen Reap the Benefits of Digital Transformation

Construction projects are long and grueling if not managed properly, and software initially designed for the desktop hasn’t translated well to noisy, dusty job sites. Luckily, the emergence of targeted applications is improving this, transforming how tech is being used in the field.

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PeerAssist News

New Pricing for PeerAssist’s Field Work Order App.

We are excited to share that PeerAssist is positioned for some serious expansion and now available for just $19 per month. PeerAssist’s Field Work Order App is a great solution for handling extra work taking place on construction projects, and we are looking to make a massive contribution to the industry by giving all contractors the ability to experience modern change management for better profitability.

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New Platforms Confront a Lack of Integration from Legacy Apps.

Sooner or later, the Internet of Things and the massive amount of data that exists will catch up with every industry, including construction. The potential for robotics, sensor and laser technologies, as well as data collection are all factors affecting the future of the industry. At the same time, recent advancements in the construction industry technology are creating immediate pressures for companies to modernize their operations in order to stay competitive. Chief among these is digitization.

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Digital Workflows Reduce Paperwork and Shorten Timeframes.

Making the switch to digital workflows has been proven to create substantial and immediate benefits to both subcontractors and general contractors. Even replacing a single paper workflow with a digital platform can save a team a significant amount of administrative staff time in inputting, filing and sharing information.

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PeerAssist is a construction management software company based in Columbus, Ohio, that specializes in products to help companies maximize profits and productivity through easy-to-use applications.

With over five decades of experience in construction software, PeerAssist builds solutions that are uniquely developed to solve the business management and financial challenges faced in this industry.

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