Modern T&M Tracking for Out of Scope Work on Construction Projects

FWO by PeerAssist is the #1 solution for helping contractors digitize T&M tags/tickets to better manage out of scope work on construction projects.  

Transform the traditional paper-based process into a fully automated & paperless solution from requests for approval, capture of labor and materials, to requests for change orders.  

$19 per month makes PeerAssist a no-brainer decision for tracking T&M tags/tickets on projects.


T&M Tracking for out of scope work (for subcontractors)

Field Work Order (FWO)

Managing contract changes and out of scope work can be a tedious and time consuming task. Often extra work at the job site is either unauthorized, captured inaccurately and sometimes, simply lost!

Field Work Order is a fast, reliable, cloud-based solution built by contractors to help capture, document, organize and accelerate payment for the changes that take place in the field.

full visibility for all extra work on your projects (for general contractors)

GC Portal

General Contractors can utilize the PeerAssist GC Portal to consolidate information. Always stay up-to-date with extra work with your subcontractors. Use PeerAssist to avoid manually entering information into your project management and accounting systems. You focus on the work, we capture and deliver your data where it’s needed.

Field Work Order (FWO) eliminates the need to manage subcontractor changes with excel spreadsheets, file folders and paper-filled binders. FWO provides a simple solution that captures, tracks, documents, organizes, manages, and standardizes field changes across all trades on your project.

convert Issue Log items into Change Order Requests

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PlanGrid Integration

PeerAssist and PlanGrid have partnered to accommodate subcontractors in new and exciting ways! 

Users are now able to connect PlanGrid items from your teams Issues Log directly in Field Work Order. As soon as the job and tags are connected; clients may view photos, content and status all without leaving Field Work Order.



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May 2, 2019

Battle Tested on Major Projects

PeerAssist has helped some of the best construction teams in the industry on major projects for Apple, Google, San Francisco 49ers, Stanford University, VMWare, just to name a few. With PeerAssist, you can trust that you’re getting a best-in-class field work order solution that has been designed in the field by contractors and that scales from small to large projects.

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